How can we help you?

As qualified mediators we can help you with any Civil or Commercial dispute and be confident of reaching a satisfactory agreement for you and the other party. It is not unusual for the parties to come to their agreement inside 1 days mediation, the common types of mediation are listed below but these are not exhaustive - 
Landlord and Tenant

Disputes often arise between landlords and tenants on issues surrounding rent, disrepair, rights, obligations, deposits and service charges and the court route to working out differences leads to spiralling costs, loss of income and potentially homelessness.

Mediation can reduce costs and help the landlord and tenant reach an early resolution whilst also repairing broken relationships. 


We have all heard of those horrendous court cases costing tens of thousands of pounds when parties have been arguing about as little as a few inches of land. Boundary disputes are a Judges nightmare. Very often the deeds are unclear and the decision as to who owns what.

We are more protective over our property rights than just about anything else and a threat to them is extremely stressful.  Going to court will:

  • Undoubtedly be costly;

  • Take many months and even years to resolve;

  • Not guarantee that the parties get what they want;

  • Possibly decrease the value on your property;

  • Possibly prevent or delay you selling it.

Neighbour Disputes

Mediation can provide helpful solutions when disputes occur between neighbours. Disputes can occur over a wide range of issues including noise, racism and anti-social behaviour.

These disputes can cause stress on you, your family and on your relationships with your neighbours.

Mediation can help you to find a solution to your dispute and help you to stay on good terms with your neighbours. 

 Consumer or Commercial disputes 

Every day you make contracts as a consumer this could be purchasing a car, washing machine or computer. If you have a dispute with the supplier mediation can be a quick cheaper option to find an agreement with them. Court could end up being a long drawn out process and cost more than 3 times more than mediation.

Businesses also make contracts with suppliers and fellow businesses etc and if this goes wrong these disputes need to be resolved. The court process can be very expensive (lawyers, time, court cost etc) where mediation can resolve the dispute with 1 days mediation arranged withing weeks of the process starting.

Online Mediation

If the parties in dispute live far away from each other, getting them together may be difficult then we do have online mediation software. This allows us to conduct mediation online with the same amount of confidentiality but with the same great results. There will be no additional costs for this service, it is just an additional option if all parties cannot meet in the same place at the same time for a specific reason. 



The types of dispute that are listed are the main types of dispute but this list is not exhaustive, there are many disputes that would benefit a mediator, this could be employee disputes to wills and inheritance. 

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