**£75,000 + please contact us for a free no obligation consultation.

All fees are inclusive of travel time, reading and preparation. The only additional fees will incurred will be for venues (if required) and any additional mediation time that may be required on the day. 

* Mediation England will agree in advance whether this should be dealt with in one or two hours. For the one-hour rate the option is available to facilitate settlement over the telephone or via online conference software if appropriate, and if the parties agree.

How do you save?

Lawyers and Solicitors fees are charged by the hour, these costs can soon spiral out of control if you go through a lengthy legal battle. On top of this you will incur the costs of the court fees, your management costs for time lost at work and other associated losses. 

As the court process is a public domain your case is open for the public to hear the details and could potential have a detrimental effect on you or your business.

Having your day in court can take you up to 12 months, where as mediation can be over within a matter of months if not weeks and is completely confidential. The saving you can make through a quick, efficient mediation process are there for you to take advantage of.